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Remember to Turn of the A/C

It’s still summer and some days can be really hot. Remember that as soon as you turn on the A/C you could be loosing as much as 10MPG, the A/C is a real power hog.

Do this:

  1. Turn off the A/C
  2. If that’s not possible adjust the temperature setting to just a little bit cooler than outside instead of super cool. This will make the A/C use less power.
  3. Open all doors for a couple  of minutes before you go, this will let a lot of extra heat out of the car and reduce the need for A/C
  4. Open the windows if you are going at low speed. At high speed it’s more economical to use the A/C as the open windows will ruin the aerodynamics of the car and work as an air-break.
  5. Park the car in the shade to keep it cool (you’ll keep the paintwork from fading too)
  6. If you go on a longer trip consider driving at night if you can stay awake. You not only get away from the heat you also get away from daytime and rush hour traffic.

Do this and save some gas during hot summer days!

Dedicated to improving your fuel economy,

Simon Byholm

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