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How to Save Gas This Summer

Here’s a couple of easy ways you can save gas during summer, especially during a hot summer.

Park in the shadow and your car will be a lot more comfortable when you’re ready to leave. The reason you’ll save gas is that your air condition will not have to work so hard to cool the car down when get on the road again. You’ll also keep the cars paintwork and tires in better shape and prevent the chocolate you left in the glove compartment from melting.

Be careful with the A/C as it is one beast of a gas gulper. Don’t turn the temperature down too much, you’ll just get a cold. Open the doors before you leave and read “Park in the shadow” above. Drive with windows open if you do slow city speeds but remember that the drag from the windows makes them even more wasteful than the A/C at highway speeds.

Enjoy the weather instead of using the car. Walk to the corner grocery instead of driving to the supermarket, take the bike to work if it’s not too far, and let the kids use their bikes instead of driving them everywhere.

Check the tire pressure all times of the year as this is one of the easiest ways of saving gas. A properly inflated tire can save you up to 5% in gas expenses and an under inflated tire is unsafe and may explode from overheating if stressed enough.

Make sure you have a gas cap and it’s not broken as the heat of summer will make the fuel in your tank evaporate a lot faster then in winter. The cap makes sure your hard earned gas dollars are not excaping into the athmosphere.

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