Is Your Gas Cap Missing?

With the hot summer weather soon here I want to share with you a summer time gas saving tip. It’s one of the tips you can get for free in our email cource on saving gas

I must admit that before I started researching fuel economy I had no idea that driving without a gas cap would make any significant difference to my fuel economy,

But it does!

Loosing your gas cap and not replacing it can cost you up to 15 gallons of gas a year, and even more if you live in a hot climate.

With no lid on the gas tank fuel will constantly evaporate from the tank into the air.

Poof, gone…

Not only will you loose fuel but the extra gas added to the atmosphere will contribute to the greenhouse effect.

If you loose our gas cap, immediately go buy a new one from your car dealer or local mechanic. You will pay less for the new cap than for all the fuel you loose without a cap.

This technique may give you savings of 3 mpg or more depending on how hot and dry the climate is around you and if you have an additional lid on top of the missing gas cap that prevents some of the leakage.

Dedicated to improving you fuel economy,

Simon Byholm

P.S. To find out your real MPG just use our free gas calculator, or try the metric mileage calculator if you’re from outside the United States.

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2 Responses to Is Your Gas Cap Missing?

  1. ren says:

    i just did some research on this, and another thing no gas cap affects is the performance of the car. The way a car works is a closed system so air entering the fuel tank can affect the car. Also, rain water could leak into the fuel tank causing problems as well.

  2. Simon says:

    Hello ren

    Rain water could be a major problem if you are missing both the cap and the lid + that the neighborhood kids would put sand in the tank :)

    I have never heard before about a missing gas cap affecting engine performance. Do you have a link to some more information about that?


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